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Lauren and Tyler's Sweet Summer Wedding

June and July were such busy months! I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and update my blog and the first wedding I am featuring is Lauren and Tyler. This was an intimate family affair at Willow Cottage with beautiful live music from violinist Heidi Clinite and Luke Usery is the photographer who shot these wonderful photos.

One of the best parts of this wedding is that Lauren's mother, Alice, and I went to high school together and regularly get together for girls' nights with other old high school friends.

Willow Cottage dressed for a wedding.

This is the Cottage outdoor space all dressed for a wedding!

Lauren waiting in the Chapel/Bride's Cottage.

Lauren waiting in the Chapel/Bride's cottage.

Declaration of Intent.

Declaration of Intent.

Exchange of rings.

Oh, the Love!

Bride's beautiful sister, Allie.

Celebration time!

Makes me so happy to see these two.

Car is ready to go!

Weddings are always fun, but there's nothing like an intimate ceremony that causes your soul to soar.


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