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Microwedding: Is it the answer for you?

Microweddings became THE trend of 2017 and with couples today choosing to spend their money on something other than a one day party, we at Willow Cottage Weddings feel that this trend will continue into 2018. While there has always been a need for the smaller, more intimate wedding, more and more couples, young and a little more seasoned, are choosing to share their special day with fewer people and less pomp and circumstance.

Photo by Kelly Sullivan Joyner - outdoor deck.

Willow Cottage Weddings specialize in microweddings – whether at our location or one that you have chosen – and we aim to be the go to Planners/Coordinators/Stylists and Officiants for these intimate affairs in the Middle Georgia area in 2018. In this blog post I am going to talk about the microwedding, how it differs from an elopement, and what Willow Cottage Weddings can offer you if this is the wedding you have been dreaming of.

For us an elopement is a ceremony that consists of the marrying couple, an officiant, and maybe two witnesses. Elopements are not planned beyond setting a date and time. Couples may wear special dresses or suits, or come in their blue jeans. Elopements are simple and straight forward.

Willow Cottage Weddings offers elopements in the chapel or on the wedding deck for $100. The ceremony is usually secular, but still beautiful. At most it will last 30 minutes with the “I do’s,” photos, and signing of the marriage license. We provide 2 or 3 photos taken by the officiant after the ceremony.

Photo by Kelly Sullivan Joyner - Newly married and their guests.

A microwedding, however, is a full wedding – with as many bells and whistles as you choose. At our location we limit the guests to 10, but usually a microwedding has 20 or fewer guests in attendance anywhere it is held. With our package we include a ceremony written just for you, recorded music of up to three songs, a unity ceremony of candle or sand, bouquets and/or boutonnieres for the marrying couple, a photography package, and a gift basket. There are so many add on choices available that will make your wedding even more special should you want any of them. You can include live musicians, a more extensive photography package, a video package, more floral arrangements, and brides can even rent wedding gowns! We can also help you arrange a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant , a night in a beautiful B&B, or send out hand written invitations for you.

Photo by Luke Usry - a simple microwedding.

The question, as always, is a microwedding the best fit for you? If the cost of a wedding is a concern but you still want your day to be special, then the answer is probably yes. For less than $1,000 you can have a ceremony that you will always remember. If cost is of no concern, but you would rather have a more intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family, then the answer is still yes. Your microwedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. There are no rules or traditions, except the ones you create.

Photos by Luke Usry - an example of a bridal bouquet, live musicians, and sand ceremonies.

At the Cottage we have hosted many microweddings. You will find the chapel and the grounds manicured and decorated for your special day. Pre-ceremony music will be playing as your guests are seated, and then the songs you have personally chosen will be played during the ceremony. We have different rooms that are used for staging of the wedding couple prior to the processional. All you need is your marriage license and your rings. If you need to dress or spruce up – we have a place for that. We will provide your wedding flowers which are seasonal flowers in the colors of your choice. Photos will be taken throughout the ceremony and when you are ready to leave you will receive a basket with a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider/grape juice, a dozen wedding cupcakes, and two toasting flutes. If the bride or brides want to wear gowns but don’t want to purchase one to wear just one time, then browse our limited supply of $75 rental gowns.

Examples of our wedding gowns for rent.

Contact us now to schedule your microwedding in 2018 and let us create the wedding of your dreams!

A beach microwedding.

A pop-up microwedding on the Riverwalk in Columbus, GA.

A microwedding in Alabama.

A Willow Cottage microwedding.

A Willow Cottage microwedding.

Jumping the broom with two brides in a Willow Cottage microwedding.

A lake microwedding for two grooms.

A family home microwedding.

A microwedding for a bride and groom and their Brady Bunch family!

A microwedding in the home of the bride and groom.

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